Kaela Waldstein - Filmmaker


A recent Santa Fe transplant and the daughter of an artist/woodworker, Kaela grew up around fine craftsmanship in the diverse city of San Francisco. Creativity is in her blood. She applies the talents she has developed over the course of her life to the craft of filmmaking. An early fascination with the art of storytelling inspired her to teach herself how to write (once upon a time = oassaponatim). At San Francisco School of the Arts High School, she studied visual arts and gained a refined sense of color, balance, space. However, it was a social documentation class that Kaela took while studying Sociology at UC Santa Cruz that triggered an interest in human-centered filmmaking. She brings her exceptional communication skills, keen visual sense, and sensitivity to global issues to the art of video production. Kaela specializes in documentary films, corporate storytelling, and tourism related pieces.